These Are A Few Of My Favorite…Books (March Giveaway)

With the publication of my new book, Freedom In Philadelphia, growing closer I am going to be merging my March and April giveaways together. I decided upon a giveaway that I think will be rather popular.  

Books! I love the escape that comes with plunging into a new plot, becoming acquainted with new characters, then heading out into the great unknown on a grand adventure. My husband tells me that there is no use in talking to me when I’m reading because I inhale the stories and do not exhale until I reach the end. Which is true. When deciding upon my giveaway for March/April I thought it must be books! So here is what I will be giving away:

A pair of these wonderful bookends that can tell their own story. 

3 of my Favorite Novels!

Here is the fun part. The winner gets to choose the category that they would like to win from. The categories to choose from are:

Christian Fiction (All newer releases)

Historical Fiction

Paranormal/Fantasy/SciFi (They could be any one of these or all three)


I will list the titles of the books in each category the beginning of March. 

Until then you can go to my website and enter the current giveaway that ends March 1.